Unlimited Number of takes with a Magic Mirror

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With the Magic Mirror hire Glasgow Service you can take an unlimited number of retakes i.e. as much as you like until you get the perfect shot. This is the best feature of this Magic Mirror “mumbo jumbo”. It uses a 7ft long HD Quality screen through which you can take your picture. A 7-foot man can easily take his picture with this without having to bent or anything. Picture is taken through a DSLR camera so there is no chance of it getting blurry or distorted and all of that. It is gaining popularity i.e. as a greater number of people are beginning to see this, they also demand this in their parties and social gatherings because the age of taking the picture with the help of the camera has gone. Now it’s the age of technology and it is preferred by people that they don’t move a single muscle. Everything will be done by machines all they have to do is sit and supervise it. Although, this behavior is unlikely and is damaging a lot of people out there i.e. causing obesity, heart-diseases etc. People have stopped walking and moving around all together but coming back to the topic. In short, it is another machine which adds to the convenience of the people.

Our magic mirror is gaining too much popularity in the field that it generates the image within 10 seconds of taking the shot. As it is a delicate machine so under our standard charges, we lend it for 4 hours, and with this, we provide our attendant who will operate the machine so that you don’t have to do it. All you have to do is to enjoy the party and make this one of the best days to be remembered. Also, after 4 hours are passed, we will take the machine away but if you need it for some more time then extra charges will apply on the hourly basis

We provide the things when lending you the Magic Mirror are as follows:

  • Free Guest Book on which all the memories of the night are to be stored and pasted to keep it memorable for the later times.
  • If you want then we will give you a complimentary USB having all the images of the party stored in it.
  • We will grant you unlimited prints and unlimited clicks i.e. take whenever and however you want until you get the perfect click.
  • We will provide you with a professionally trained staff member who will operate the Magic Mirror for you.

We provide a free delivery service with an area of like 50 miles beyond this charge will be applied. We provide services in areas of Ayrshire, Falkirk, Fife, Edinburgh, Loch-Lomond, North Lanarkshire, Perth shire, Renfrewshire, Stirling, South Lanarkshire, London, Manchester.

Call us now to avail of the best deals in the market because we have brought all sorts of plans for you through which you can pay up easily and if you wish then we will devise a custom plan according to your budget requirements.