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Make your backyard a creative place by selecting top backyard office. We offer excellent service and low cost materials of highest quality.

Backyard office company offers free consultation

Consultation is the first step to develop anything. We are looking forward to seeing you on your property and receive a real insight into what you are going to achieve via your project, the difficulty that you want to tackle and the money/time limit.

We devote ourselves to the entire phase programmer.

The design phase involves two phases, and the first one is the design phase. After the design phase, there is a phase of construction plans/permit plans whereby proposals are submitted in all the regions that require building plans, engineered plans or urban permit plans.

The second phase depends solely on the final scope set in the first design phase and is hence individually referred to as the step after scheme design.

You sign and we go to work the proposal and design deposit we obtain from you!

For the nine-week period 2-4 weeks your schematic design was generated

We begin to swing our creative energies here! Everything begins with the measurement and design of your current property in our 2D Design Programmer, AutoCAD.

At this regard, we draw up a design plan based on all the ideas, needs and financial constraints given in the Initial Design Consultation.

We adopt this initial design plan, sit down and massage the design layout precisely to meet your design, functionality and budget requirements. We usually need just small changes on the head after the first session, around 90% of the time.

Our goal is to present a design to you, however, and we will modify it.

Some designers must “leave their mark” and unfortunately make their consumers adjust to them, but this is not how we work. After all, you will live in your courtyard for years to come.

We detail the vegetation, landscape lighting and difficulty in completion with all tangible samples that enable you to experience this ultimate arrangement,

The development stage of the development phase is supported.

If a project plan, structural engineering and planning are required in one of the areas covered by this project, then we will charge you for the specific work that is needed in this regard.

There may be a certain scope as follows:

  • Decking
  • Trellis structures
  • Cookout Islands
  • Water / Fire Multifunctional
  • Hard painting features involved.

The contractor from the Backyard has exact marching orders with the entire plan and the construction plans (if necessary).

Contractor from the Backyard can therefore offer you a very specific installation offer to cut unanticipated project costs.

The more comprehensive your project, budget and schedule is, the less wine you need to drink to make your project a reality.

The ‘easy way’ is so common in the sector and the standard design and planning processes can be abbreviated but then the flush ‘padded’ offer to cover the lack of detailed planning will come to you as the landlord, or we will receive a repeated list of order amendments to cover the factors not planned for you.

Backyard Rental Service company, as homeowners, does not want it, and neither do we believe you.

A completed yard has to be handed and a lot more left. Now you have a living body, which needs specific treatment for the next few years in order to keep you healthy and prosperous.

Backyard rental firm likes to carry out a thorough “torch pass” task so that you and your farm maintenance provider take care of your new garden and make your joy even more pleasurable.