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The Prince Charlie kilt jacket and waistcoat are beautifully fitted and perfect for formal events. The elegantly tailored cut of this style of jacket scottish kilt will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd! The Prince Charlie is probably the most common of all the various kilt jackets at formal and evening events as the style and fit of the jacket allows you to show off more of your kilt and accessories than with other styles of kilt jacket.

By far the most important part of the Prince Charlie jacket is the fit. Having the perfect tailored fit allows the jacket to sit perfectly on the wearer and won’t ruin their figure. The kilt jacket and waistcoat both have distinct silver buttons in a set pattern that makes them easily recognisable from a distance. The jacket also has tails which makes the back just as regal as the front. It is heavily decorated which is why it is often only seen at formal events. The waistcoat is just as lavish as the  jacket with matching buttons and silk lapels.

For the majority of people the kilts that will be most interesting will be the ones that are most associated with Scottish culture – those featuring tartan and worn with a Prince Charlie jacket and sporrans. Choosing these kinds of kilts means making sure that you pick ones that look the part and that feature tartan. The traditional Scottish kilt will be wrapped around the body around the waist (below the ribs but above the hips) and will hang to around the middle of the knees. It should be pleated around the back, but should be more plain round the front. The kilt will normally be wool, or more specifically ’twill woven worsted wool’ with a weave of 2-2 type (this means that the weft thread will pass over and under two warp threats at a time – but you don’t need to worry about that).


The tartan pattern can vary between kilts and some families have their own ‘family tartans’ which are unique to those in their family and which can sometimes be traced back as far as two centuries. This tartan is called a ‘sett’, and there are also tartans for individual counties, districts, corporations and more. If you can’t choose the tartan you want for your kilt though, then there is no reason not to choose your own that you like and that matches your Prince Charlie jacket and sporrans.


The Prince Charlie Jacket is made of heavy worsted wool (wool that has been combed so that it is all going in the same direction). They are very comfortable to wear and are also incredibly durable as well, If a crease appears whilst sitting it will quickly become straightened out due to the heaviness of the fabric. There are two pockets on the inside of the jacket, however it’s suggested to use them only if you absolutely must as it would ruin the jackets figure. The jacket and waistcoat  are most commonly worn with winged collar shirt.

Though the Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat usually tend to be a solid colour (usually a dark black but other colours can be used including tartans) people often customise their lapels with a splash of colour to match their kilt or family tartan. The deep black or royal blue that is often used brings out the tartan and makes a real statement!

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